Benefits of Pigeon Racing Vitamins

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  2. March 11, 2013 10:48 pm

Benefits of Pigeon Racing Vitamins

The Many Benefits of Pigeon Racing Vitamins

Just like people, pigeons need to be in great shape in order to successfully compete in a race. A big part of being in shape is eating a healthy diet that is supplemented with quality vitamins. Purchasing the best vitamins will give you an edge on the competition by improving your bird’s stamina and endurance during the race.

Essential vitamins for a strong racing pigeon:

Vitamin A is important for a strong immune system. Deficiency in this vitamin leaves your pigeon highly susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

Vitamin B is one of the two water-soluble vitamins that are most important to feed your racing pigeon. Because your bird does not store vitamin B in his body, he needs to get a steady source of supplementation or he will become deficient. In addition to helping improve your pigeon’s memory, this vitamin also increases his energy and stamina during the race.

Vitamin C is the other water-soluble vitamin that your pigeon is most at risk of becoming deficient in. Deficiency in this vitamin can cause liver damage in birds.

Vitamin D is essential for the good calcium absorption your pigeon needs to have strong, healthy bones.

Vitamin E aids in the regulation of your pigeon’s metabolic processes. This vitamin is important for a fast recovery from injuries and proper blood circulation.

Vitamin K is essential for both bone health and blood coagulation. A pigeon with a deficiency in this vitamin could not afford to be wounded, as the blood would not clot properly.

Because your racing pigeon can’t tell you when he’s feeling ill, providing him with preventative care is the best way to keep him strong. A proper diet supplemented with essential vitamins will mean your pigeon can race faster and live longer. You can purchase pigeon racing vitamins from many online retailers including

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