Pigeon Racing as a Worldwide Sport

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  2. April 12, 2013 10:50 pm

Pigeon Racing as a Worldwide Sport

Pigeon Racing Events and Clubs From Around the World

While its popularity may be higher in some regions as opposed to others, pigeon racing is a sport that is practiced nearly everywhere in the world. This means that all regions have clubs and organizations that are devoted to pigeon racing.

The sport was brought to the United States in 1875 and is reported to be growing. Currently, you can find 15,000 lofts in the country. Shady Hills, Florida is a place that is famous for its pigeon racing groups and competitions. The Gulfcoast Homing Club, which is located there, is famous with pigeon racing enthusiasts from all over the country. The annual Gulfcoast Classic competition, which features over $250,000 in prize money, is held in Shady Hills and attracts participants from many different countries.

In the United Kingdom, regular pigeon races were established back in 1881. The British Royal Family has participated in numerous competitions since the 19th century and has become part of the family’s tradition. In 1990, a pigeon belonging to Queen Elizabeth II has won a race. In the UK, the sport is regulated by regional organizations, such as the North of England Homing Union and the Scottish Homing Union.

South Africa is home to one of the largest and most prestigious pigeon racing events in the world, called the Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Each time the event takes place, thousands of birds from over 30 countries compete towards prizes totaling $1.3 million. The winner of the race receives a cash prize of $125,000, with runners-up receiving a smaller prize that can vary between $1,000 and $80,000. Other prizes, such as cars and jewelry can also be awarded as part of the run up competitions.

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